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2nd Transnational Working Meeting
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2nd Transnational Working Meeting

23/10/2020 - On Line

The 2nd Transnational Meeting started with a welcome from the Project Coordinator “To Ergastiri”.

The host partner “LUV”, Tadej Oprckal, make a small presentation about their organization and their city Velenje. There was a small presentation from the Project Coordinator. First of all there was an overview on this Meeting’s Agenda. Afterwards Ergastiri presented the New Amended Timetable, with all the Intellectual Outputs, Project Meetings and Conferences that have been transferred to four months later.

There was suggested by all the partners to try to keep up with the new deadlines on Intellectual Outputs Initial and Final versions. It was also decided that the short term joint staff transnational training, although it was scheduled on November 2020 it would be better to reschedule it at the first months of next year before the Intermediate report which is until the end of April. ARI had prepared a presentation about IO1.

Firstly there was an introduction from Constantina Stavridou about her roleplay on IO1 on behalf of ARI. Then it was presented the work that has been done so far in cooperation with Ergastiri. There was a suggestion to be clarified the point about the results from focus group on the competences that are suggested on the excel board. There was a clarification that the competences that are at the excel are going to be used on the Professional Curriculum. SI.DI.Ma presented the Communication and Facebook plan that have prepared. It was also remarked that Caterina Lardieri from SIDiMa will be the Communication Manager. It was also decided that Ergastiri will do a Skype Meeting with SI.DI.Ma to overview the communication plan and all the contents in it.

After they finish it all the partners will receive an email for further details and rules on the dissemination strategy. To Ergastiri made a presentation referred to management issues. It was advised to all the partners that the Financial reports should be ready on time. There was also a topic on Risk Management.

There was also a topic on Communication Issues and it was proposed that if any partner need more clarification on an Output or a Task that has to do, please do not hesitate to contact with the Project Manager of this Project.

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